Mr Graham's Class Learning Definition 2012

"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview with Mr R- assistant to the production director

What is the most stressing part of it all?-
Getting the script to the right amount of time. Their are more jokes then time.

What is Mr Graham like to work with?-
Do I have to be honest? He is a pleasure to work with. He has so many great ideas and his quirky sense if humour make working with him always interesting.

What are the kids like?-
We have some great actors and everyone's trying really hard to learn their lines. I think their gonna be great on the night.

What's the funniest thing said in the production?-
That's a tough one, probably-you know I can't eat your ghost chips

Is it going to be the best production ever?-
I can say without a shadow of a doubt
It is going to be the best production I've ever been involved in at Papakowhai school

By Jordyn and Alex


  1. Nice questions I also like the ghost chips part !!!!!
    Skyla :)

  2. Wow great questions i liked the jokes in the production even though some of them didn't make sense