Mr Graham's Class Learning Definition 2012

"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012

All about the host .... Daniel

What's the hardest thing you Have to do /say?
You have 'Come' first in this challenge, I always get it wrong.

Who is the hardest Person to work with?
Chelsea because she always gets angry at everything I do.

What's your favourite scene?
The first scene because I do a lot of speaking and its all about 'me'.

What is the dumbest thing you have to say or do?
Mr G's dry jokes e.g. The Taj Mahal Is the dead centre of town and people are dying to get in.

What emotions were going through you when you found out that you got the part?
Lol excited, I was just so happy.

What other parts would you like to play in the production?
Body builder Mikey.

If you could would you enter the amazing race for real?

When did you start to show an interests in drama?
In the middle of 2011.

Written by Kirsty and Emelia


  1. Great interview Kirsty and Emilia..I look forward to reading more about the other actors!

  2. Who else would they interview but the host with the most-Daniel.