Mr Graham's Class Learning Definition 2012

"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Drama 31 August - Group 4

And lastly group 4's Freeze Frames...

Which group looked the best?

Drama 31 August - Group 3

Here is Group 3's Freeze Frames...

Drama 31 August - Group 2

Here is Group 2's 5-Part Freeze Frame...

Drama 31 August - Group 1

Here are some photos of our 5-Part Freeze Frame

Everybody in each group session had to show a freeze frame in 5 parts. Once we completed a freeze frame, we stopped and started it again with a bit more information...

Group 1:

Sneaking into a classroom

Sneaking into a classroom  and taking something out of somebody’s bag

Sneaking into a classroom, taking something out of somebody’s bag and hiding it  for later

Sneaking into a classroom, taking something out of somebody’s bag, hiding it for later and coming back for it

Sneaking into a classroom, taking something out of somebody’s bag, hiding it  or later and coming back for it and being caught

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Merit Update!

Justice - for passing stage 3 basic facts

Kantana, Madi, Jono, Jordyn for completing 5 book reviews

Coral, Emelia, Alex, Tyree, Kirill, Jono, Greg, Cody, Liam, Madi, Jordyn, Kirsty, Reegan, Zak, Tony, Dalton, Reinhard, Daniel for beating their record on the 'Block Run'

Emelia, Alex, Tyree, Jono, Liam, Madi, Jordyn, Kirsty, Reegan, Zak, Tony for beating their record on the 'Hill Run'

Emelia, Alex, Tyree, Kirill, Liam, Madi, Jordyn, Kirsty, Reegan, Zak, Tony, Reinhard, Daniel, Kantana, Reid, Wynter, Diaz for beating their record on the 'Split Beep Test'

The new Rimu classroom

This year will be the year this school changes into a brand new environment because there will be 3 brand new classrooms on the top field.This will be the new Rimu block.They are for years 2-4 witch is going to give us less space to run around since the construction is happening but the very good thing what will happen is that there will be more students making friends around the school .My ideas is to put 4 square up at the top field so that there will be room for everyone to play there own game I think its a great idea having a concrete part up on the top field so that not everyone has to be waiting in the same area for the chance to have there turn. By Grace.c and Caleb.a

The Builders stole our space!!!

The builders stole our fun!!!
Are you lost with ideas to do at lunchtime?
Do you really want to kick a ball around in the court?
Or maybe use that extra couple of metres of space?
Or maybe even the top field?
Well so do most people in the school. They want to be aloud to do everything they use to be able to do, like play on the top field, kick a ball on the court and use that extra couple of metres. But now the builders stole our space and were all condense in a small space. I mean not even Rimu can eat at there normal lunchtime space. Is that fair? It was still unfair when the new classroom ended up on the court, and now the school has decided to take some more room from the court away by shutting off the top field and metres off the court. They even cut off the shortcut to the school and to make it worse when the bottom field is closed you so condense you just want to go inside and nothing. Do you want to put up with this until next year ? Do you think this is fair? What should we do about it?

By Daniel and Dalton

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Week 6 Funny - I Saw It On Ebay!

Here is a great parodyi of the Backstreet Boys song 'I want It That Way' by Weird Al Yankovic called 'Ebay'

And here is the original Backstreet Boys version...

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Block

I'm sure most of you have heard about or seen the new hit TV show 'The Block NZ'.

For those of you who haven't, the Block is about four couples who have to renovated four houses. Each week they have to do up 1 or 2 rooms. The couple who earns the most amount of money on Auction Day...wins. Here's a sneak peak of the outside of the homes. The photos are in order of the houses. Rachel and Tyson, Sarah and Richard, Ben and Libby and last but not least Ginny and Rhys. Emelia took took these pictures when she was in holiday. Enjoy!

Written by Emelia and Kirsty

Roll Up! Roll Up! Purchase Your Amazing Race Tickets Now!

Production tickets are on sale now. 
Pre-orders  are being taken at the office for all performances of THE AMAZING RACE. Order forms can be collected from the office. Pre-orders close on August 31st and tickets to this spectacular show are limited so be in quickly.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

All about the host .... Daniel

What's the hardest thing you Have to do /say?
You have 'Come' first in this challenge, I always get it wrong.

Who is the hardest Person to work with?
Chelsea because she always gets angry at everything I do.

What's your favourite scene?
The first scene because I do a lot of speaking and its all about 'me'.

What is the dumbest thing you have to say or do?
Mr G's dry jokes e.g. The Taj Mahal Is the dead centre of town and people are dying to get in.

What emotions were going through you when you found out that you got the part?
Lol excited, I was just so happy.

What other parts would you like to play in the production?
Body builder Mikey.

If you could would you enter the amazing race for real?

When did you start to show an interests in drama?
In the middle of 2011.

Written by Kirsty and Emelia

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Week 4 Funny!

Who would have thought someone falling off their chair could be so funny?

The New Block

The builders have begun work on the new block.How do you think that the progress is going?It is yet to be named, maybe after another tree.What unusual sounds have you heard recently?
By Emelia and Kirsty.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympic Poll!

Get your votes in! Which Olympic event is your favourite?

Get your own Poll!

Term 2 Merit Round Up!

Reegan, Jordyn, Liam, Tony and Skyla for helping the reliever

Reegan for helping the reliever and good fair play

Verity for good effort in her Probe testing

Jordyn for completing Stage 3 in her basic facts

Tyree, Kirill and Skyla for effort in art

Verity, Reinhard, Reid, Rosie, Zak, Greg, Kirsty, Tyree and Shayen for receiving no strikes for the whole of Term 2!