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"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Character Writing!

Here are four examples of the character writing we have completed this term...I hope you enjoy reading them! (Maybe You know some of these people)


Penny is my viscous 5 year old niece. She bites… like all the time. She has straight, golden hair that shines bright in the sun. Her eyes are green like emeralds and her skin is a light peachy colour. Penny can be cute but, she can also be EVIL!!!! (Oops...I mean really, really mean). Dunking biscuits in hot chocolate is one of her favourite things to do as well as playing with her friends.

She just started school but when she isn’t their, you will most likely find her in her room watching movies. Her room is cluttered and has LOADS of toys in it. The curtains are really, really girly their pink, purple and have love hearts on them. (Typical of a 5 year old) she’s got an untidy bed that has a T.V at the end of it.
If you tell Penny that you are smarter than her she will disagree. But if you disagree with her on a different topic she will yell at you. She likes the playground but absolutely hate spiders and the dark.

She is smart like an owl but her story telling is as bad as a fishes... and fish can’t even talk!!! Penny likes school but wont talk about it at all. If   you say something weird she will say “what the” If you do if say some thing she doesn’t like it will “I’m not you’re friend anymore” And sometimes at random points Penny will say “Did you know that…” and “NOOO” will be her most likely response if she doesn’t want to do something.

By Jordyn Bold

Eden Cruise

Eden is an average school student. He is muscly, tall, and dresses with swag. Eden’s eyes are dark blue like the ocean. He normally mixes up how he dresses with his maroon shoes and his hair leaning to one side At school you’d see him with long brown hair up to his eyes, he’d be wearing short jeans, jeans, shorts or ‘fat pants’ as well as a top and a jersey, plus some canvas shoes. He would be playing on the netball court with his friends either playing touch rugby or four square.

Eden’s environments are playing with his friends and having a joke with everyone. You would see Eden at the North City Shopping Center (The Mall) on a Thursday night with his friends.

Eden likes a lot of sports but his favourites are Mountain Biking, Rugby, Running and wrestling. In the future Eden has a huge career with Mountain Biking because Eden is 12 years old and he is already sponsored by Endura and races against the 15 year olds, and he still wins those races! Eden is very rapid at running, Last year he came first at the nationals (the highest level at long distance running). At rugby Eden is a lion on the field and as fast as a speeding bullet. At wrestling Eden is as strong as a chimpanzee and will knock the opponent down and win the match.

Eden’s strengths are Mountain Biking and Running. This year Eden went to the Oceania Mountain Biking champs for 15 year olds. He versed 15 year olds from all over New Zealand an Australia. Eden beat the fastest Australian Mountain Biker. At rugby I would describe him as a lion on the field and faster than a speeding bullet.

By Dalton


Shayen Rungasamy, oldest cousin and brother. He is slightly fat, dark skinned, dark eyed and slightly above average height. You’ll only ever see him in a sports shirt and track pants. He has short black fluffy hair which perches on top of his head like a dog. He always wears a short piece of striped string around his right wrist. On his feet there will always be a pair of white tattered DC shoes (unless he’s at school where he’ll wear a pair of sneakers).He makes people smile when they talk to him. He talks about sports, he eats seafood, he likes hot pink, and he likes to play soccer, rugby, cricket, he also likes swimming and he likes playing on his Playstation, his favourite countries are England and America.

His favourite environments are his bright red, soft couch, outside in his huge backyard and his darkened room where the curtains never seem to open and the lights are always off. The only light that ever enters this abyss comes from the 50 inch TV tucked into the corner.

His main opinion is NO HOMEWORK! He likes comedy, swimming, documentaries, lasagne, travelling, skiing, FIFA, his family, hot pink, bunnies, the Irish National Anthem and most of all he likes cricket (and his cricket bat called ‘Master Blaster’).He hates bees, Briscoes, the dentist, homework, Mathletics new owners, the All Blacks, electric fences and Llamas (because once he was at a petting zoo when a llama knocked his hand into an electric fence!).He is a well behaved young man, he is also polite, friendly and happy.

His weakness is bees because they are attracted to him as if he were covered in honey. He speaks with a South African accent (that is probably because he is from South Africa).

By Gregory

Nixon Cam

Nixon looks like an average boy that’s tall. He also has brown short hair as short as freshly cut grass, his eyes are dark brown and his eyes brows are like bushes! He’s funny as a stand up comedian because he is always cracking jokes (like your mama jokes). Everybody calls him Nixon but Vanessa and I call him Nick or Wellington (because that’s where he was born, so this is my nickname too). He’s a student of Tawa Intermediate and his favourite sport of all is football.

His favourite place to be or where you would find him would be lazing on his fat marshmallow pillow on his computer chair playing his most favourite games of all… Minecraft or Cross Fire.

He would die if soccer was cancelled forever. His behaviour around everyone is that he’s too cool for school and acts like a boy in pain when he doesn’t get what he wants. He likes making fun of me and playing on Max’s X-Box. He dislikes his school and his siblings.

His strengths are soccer and running and his weaknesses are English and his body problems (don’t even ask). The thing he always says to my mum would be “Okay I will.”  He’s happy and enjoys life when he’s around my family.

By Kirsty 


  1. Clever character writing you guys. Keep up the good work.

  2. Those are cool character writng its a shame we could have put more up though.