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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Alex's Anzac Poem

Read this Anzac Day poem by Alex...
What makes it a good poem? (Leave your comments below...)

A.N.Z.A.C  Day

It is dawn, and I’m about to die.
I hope thee will remember me.
Bear your white crosses, bear your red crosses
And shine the light of your happiness onto my grave.
Don’t be sad it happened, be glad it’s over
Because I died to let you live.
Don’t think of the beach, full of innocent people
Nor the misery, blood spilt, lives lost.
Though the ashes clog the air
And the bullets shot into our hearts
It was a happy time
Because I died to let you live.
Gallipoli, Gallipoli, Land of the fallen,
But also Land of the Free.
I will laugh your laughs,
Cry your tears
And try and calm your sorrow
When I am gone
Think of the poppies
Planted in my honour
They show my soul is now free.
By Alex


  1. im so embarrassed!! Thanks Mr G plus i love the camp vid the drink bottle incident was crack up!!!

  2. cool poem alex

  3. Cool poem Alex. Very descriptive.