Mr Graham's Class Learning Definition 2012

"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Best Place To Work...

Here is a clip about one of the best/most fun companies in the USA.

Would you like to work for a company like this? If so, why?

What makes this a good/fun place to work?

Leave your comments... :) Do you know of any other really fun places to work in NZ?


  1. That would be luxurious career.

  2. i would love to work there :)

    1. OMG i wud luv 2 work there it seems sooooo fuun . imean a pool,fittness center,docters $5000 to buy a car it seems so cool.
      it seems so luxurious and nice id have fun there
      I WUD LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. I would love to work for a company like this because not only do you get all of the luxuries you get to help run the biggest company ever. Google makes it a good place to work because when you give something (free gym, food, pool, docter, massages, etc.) you get something back (people to run and to help out with the company).

  4. Of course it is good it is good because it is google!!!!!!!!!but i use safari (another search engine mr g u shld know wat it is coz u hav a macbook pro):)