Mr Graham's Class Learning Definition 2012

"Learning is discovering new things, improving knowledge, and not giving up when things get hard. It is about getting better at something you are not good at so you can become a smarter person" Mr Graham's Class 2012

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Animal Reports!

Here is an example of one of the animal reports we have been working on for this term! Thanks for volunteering to put your work on here Jono!


A cheetah is a great animal and it is very friendly. It lives in the grassy lands of East Africa, a list of scientific classifications’ for a cheetah are, phylum, chordate, filidae, acinony, and jubatus!

The amazing cheetah looks like and has solid spots and stripes at the end of the tail. There feet are 2.3 to 2.8 meters long. The female body can weigh up to 41 to 50 kg and the male body can weigh up to 50 to 64 kg. Their special moves are speed to catch their prey, claws for fighting and camouflage to hide from getting eaten.

Cheetahs can be found in the tropical grass lands with light shrub cover it’s found in Africa. The cheetah is suited to the environment because it likes hot, dry and grassy lands.

The cheetah is a wonderful carnivore. Cheetahs eat impala, springboks, gazelle, warthogs, lesser, kudu and black buck. It kills its prey and ambushes within springing distance.

The cheetah is antique amongst Africa. During the day they avoid large predators like the lions for a competition for their food. Their life age can go up to 10 - 12 years old.

There are 8,500 cheetahs living in the world and the population is slightly decreasing. We could cut the amount of cheetahs dying each day. We chose this animal because we wanted to learn and discover more things about the great cheetah.

By Jono   

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

An Elephant and a Shark Sighted at Te Papa!

Good work Wynter and Jono!

Term 4 Merit Fest!

Merits for this term are;

No strikes for Term 3; Tyree, Liam, Reinhard, Greg, Kirsty, Coral, Zak, Verity

Winners of the best enclosure (as picked by Mr Robinson); Justice, Alex, Zak, Coral, Dalton

Stage 6 Basic Facts: Reinhard

And of course to all of our main cast, secondary cast, backstage crew and band members (folks - you were awesome); Alex, Daniel, Zak, Kirill, Wynter, Coral, Kirsty, Emelia, Rosie, Reegan, Dalton, Shayen, Tyree and Reid!

Keep up the good work everybody!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview with Mr R- assistant to the production director

What is the most stressing part of it all?-
Getting the script to the right amount of time. Their are more jokes then time.

What is Mr Graham like to work with?-
Do I have to be honest? He is a pleasure to work with. He has so many great ideas and his quirky sense if humour make working with him always interesting.

What are the kids like?-
We have some great actors and everyone's trying really hard to learn their lines. I think their gonna be great on the night.

What's the funniest thing said in the production?-
That's a tough one, probably-you know I can't eat your ghost chips

Is it going to be the best production ever?-
I can say without a shadow of a doubt
It is going to be the best production I've ever been involved in at Papakowhai school

By Jordyn and Alex

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Uniforms........NO WAY!!!
Let us inFORM you about uniforms
Some people around the school have been talking about uniforms. So what do you think?
Let's give you the low down....
Good points-
Lots of school pride
You don't always have to buy clothes
Save money

Bad points-
No individuality
You may not like the uniform
It might be uncomfortable
You might rip it

What do you think??
Leave a comment and tell us what you think about Papakowhai School getting uniforms.

By Alex and Jordyn

Spot the difference

Spot the difference
Their are 6 differences can you spot what's changed??

Monday, 3 September 2012

Papakowhai teams NET a win!!

Sports report!!!! Beep beep dep beep
On the weekend the Blues, Devilz and Angelz all competed in the Nagti Toa netball finals. Unfortunately the Blues didn't win, but they still played hard and had a great game. The Devilz played amazingly to get a score of 27-26 ! Great game girls. The Angelz had a great win over Tawa Intermediate all stars and came out with a score of 24-18. We all played well to bring home 2 trophies.